Cloud Solutions

Migration, backup and support of your IT cloud.  Built around Office365 we have the tools and skills required to bring your IT into the modern era.

Managed Services

No matter where or when you and your team work, you need a service provider available when you need.  With 24x7 phone and remote support, we are the team for you.

Technical Support

Do you love calling an IT help desk and having no idea what they are saying, then don't use us, as we will only ever talk English to you and never make you feel unimportant.


Migration to Office365

Do you need minimal to zero downtime for your migration to the cloud?  Then our migration tools are what you need.

Our automated migration tool will accelerate your cloud business with comprehensive planning, accurate provisioning, no lost data, and a great end-user experience. Unlike other migration tools that focus primarily on moving server-side data—one step in a comprehensive migration-consulting project—Our technology automates 90% of the manual effort and helps manage all of the essential steps across the entire migration project.

Office365 Backup

You now have Office365 you don't need to worry about backup now, right?


You still need to backup your cloud environments along with the traditional networks.  Luckily, we can make backup up your Office365 e-mail, SharePoint and OneDrive simple an painless.

Have 6 backups a day, stored in Australia along with your Office365, and all completely within Microsoft's cloud.

Have confidence in knowing you can restore everything from a single e-mail message, through to a full mailbox or site at a click of a button and in a matter of minutes.

Businessman with cloud computing and connectivity concept

Managed Services

Today's IT can be quite complex to manage, that where you need asp - Application Service Provider to take care of it for you.  You have servers, data, e-mail and staff everywhere, add on to that mobile phones, tablets todays need for rapid service, the last thing you want to do is to manage your IT.

We have several software tools to help keep your IT working, and then if it isn't working we have rapid response teams to attend to it.