Good for Business – SkyKick Office365 Backup

asp and SkyKick makes Office365 Backup Easy

asp and Skykick provide the best of breed backup solution for your Office365 data.

For only $5.20 per month for Exchange and $5.20 per month for SharePoint and OneDrive.

Why do businesses need a backup solution for their data in the cloud?
Office 365 offers Geo-redundancy to protect against data loss related to a data center event by mirroring data across multiple data centers. However, that doesn’t protect against data loss events not related to a data center, as those data losses are mirrored across the multiple data centers. Office 365 Archiving and other features further protect data, but require expertise, additional cost, and time to recover data. And when the data is recovered, it is often unstructured. Therefore, a backup solution is needed to provide a quick, seamless way to restore lost data exactly as it was and where it was so employees can get back on track and stay productive.

How is backup different than Disaster Recovery?
For many businesses, a backup solution is the right size for their need to restore lost data and stay productive. While a backup solution doesn’t offer many of the features covered by a complete Disaster Recovery solution (i.e. on-premises servers, PBX, CRM/ERP, etc.), it does solve the crucial piece of backing up data. So if data is lost, it can be quickly found and restored to exactly where it’s needed.

Supported Office 365 Plans
SkyKick Cloud Backup supports the majority of Microsoft Office 365 SKUs containing Exchange, SharePoint, and OneDrive for Business. Unfortunately, the standalone version of OneDrive for Business (Plan 1) is configured in a way that prevents the Cloud Backup service from being able to identify and backup data. Therefore, that specific SKU is not currently supported by Cloud Backup.