Good for Business – Working from Home

COVID-19 has forced many of us to work from home, and asp have enabled many customers to make the transition to home work easy and painless.

In fact, many asp clients have advised they are changing the way the work in the future, and many of their staff will work from home for, at least, part of their working week.

asp clients have access to data, e-mail and phones in the cloud, hence can work anywhere.

One client in particular had staff work from Whyalla, Crystal Brook, Broken Hill, as well as homes through out Adelaide and the metro region, and all where able to work collectively and efficiently.

We have found that working from home has changed the way and when we work, many start earlier and finish later, but still spend time with family during the day.  A visit to the shops, streaming media and picking the kids up now all factor into the working day, while still managing to complete work on time.

Video conferencing is here to stay, and most clients have a daily Microsoft Teams catch-up.

With the 3CX PBX in the cloud, all can answer calls and transfer to others in the organisation, regardless of where they are.

Suite Files gives access to data and enables collaboration tools for the efficient completion of projects.

The working world has changed, and we feel it is for the better.